Meet Ashok

After gaining an Honours Degree in Accountancy from the University of Mumbai, Kolak’s co-founder Ashok Lakhani began working for a firm of auditors in Uganda.

He arrived in the UK on 9th October 1972 as a refugee and quickly took up the position of Divisional Accountant at Servotomic Limited (GKN Company). Ashok then became Finance Controller at the Henley Centre of Forecasting in the City and then joined Exhibition Organisers before being promoted to Finance Director. Despite these notable achievements, Ashok always aspired to create his own empire.

These ambitions were to be realised from an idea generated from humble beginnings. As a youngster, Ashok helped in his father’s grocery store at weekends. His interest in consumer buying behaviour meant that he was intrigued to observe the amount of time many customers devoted to selecting crisps. The popularity and exceptionally strong market share of this seemingly simple product were to provide the foundations for the successes that were to follow.

Whilst attending the first European Cable and Satellite Convention in the Swiss city of Basle, Ashok met with senior executives from Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG. A chance conversation was followed by in-depth discussions and the signing of a commercial agreement in 1984. This agreement allowed Kolak Snack Foods Limited to establish its first factory in the UK.

The technical support that was provided by Zweifel combined with the hard work and determination of Ashok, his brother Bharat and the rest of the team allowed the business to expand rapidly and diversify into new product sectors. Today, Kolak continues to be driven to even greater heights by Ashok’s son Rikin